Zelenskyy sacks Ukraine’s ambassador to UK – POLITICO

Zelenskyy sacks Ukraines ambassador to UK – POLITICO | ltc-a

KYIV – Volodymyr Zelenskyy has sacked Vadym Prystaiko as Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, after the envoy publicly criticized the Ukrainian president.

Zelenskyj’s decree announcing the ambassador’s dismissal was not justify his decision. But it comes after Prystaiko criticized Zelenskyy’s trenchant response to British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who suggested Ukraine should show more gratitude to its allies.

Speaking to reporters at the NATO summit in Vilnius earlier this month, Wallace said the US was heading into next year’s presidential election and lawmakers in countries that make large military donations to Kiev could face a problem politician should they encounter Ukrainian anger. There is concern across much of Europe that NATO skeptic Donald Trump could return as US president.

Zelenskyy responded with an ironic remark during the press conference in Vilnius, saying he doesn’t understand how much longer he should express his thanks, in response to Wallace’s comment. “He Can write me about how he wants to be thanked, so we can fully express our gratitude. We can make a point of waking up (every) morning and thanking him, » Zelenskyy said.

During the interview with Sky News Prystaiko was asked if that remark had a hint of sarcasm. He agreed. “I don’t think this sarcasm is healthy. We must not show the Russians that there is something between us. They need to know that we are working together, » Prystaiko said.