Will Trump take a mugshot or get fingerprinted?

Will Trump take a mugshot or get fingerprinted | ltc-a

On Tuesday, for the second time in just over two months, former President Donald J. Trump will turn himself in for the arrest. But it is unclear how many of the rituals of a normal arrest he will be subject to.

He should be informed of his rights and a judge will consider whether he has legal representation. Mr. Trump should plead not guilty.

Normally, defendants in criminal cases are fingerprinted and photographed to help identify them. But when Trump was arraigned on unrelated state charges in New York in April, officials thought a mugshot was unnecessary given the former president’s level of fame. They took his fingerprints, though.

It’s possible that one or both of the deals could take place in Miami on Tuesday, but there has been no confirmation. Mr. Trump may also have to hand over his passport.