What Joe Biden, King Charles and Rishi Sunak hope to get from the president’s trip to the UK

What Joe Biden King Charles and Rishi Sunak hope to scaled | ltc-a

On the agenda of these meetings: climate change, the war in Ukraine and the « Atlantic Declaration »: this is the diplomatic term for Biden and Sunak’s push to renew the partnership between the United Kingdom and America across a series of issues security and economic problems facing the West.

Karen Pierce, the British ambassador to the United States, joined in to talk about these issues and the special relationship between Britain and America. Pierce is one of the UK’s most experienced diplomats, having held a number of senior positions including ambassadors to the United Nations, WTO and Afghanistan; as well as directing British policy throughout South Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan during some key years of the War on Terror.

In this episode of Playbook Deep Dive, Pierce tells Playbook host and co-writer Ryan Lizza what Sunak hopes to gain from Biden’s trip to London; how the relationship between Britain and America changed during his many years of service; how the war in Ukraine is bringing the two countries closer together – and occasionally further apart; who the British most admire in our nation’s history; and what are his secrets to dealing with cautious diplomats across the negotiating table.