Tim Scott: ‘There is no greater compliment than being attacked by President Obama’

Tim Scott There is no greater compliment than being attacked scaled | ltc-a

« There’s a long history of African-American or other minority candidates within the Republican Party who will validate America and say, ‘It’s okay and we can do this,' » Obama said in conversation with Democratic strategist David Axelrod in his podcast « Ax Files », which was released last week.

“If someone isn’t proposing — both acknowledging and proposing — elements that say, ‘No, we can’t just ignore all of that and pretend that everything is equal and right. We actually have to do the walking and not just talk the talk.’ If they don’t, I think people are rightfully skeptical, » Obama added.

On Sunday, Scott dismissed that idea, while welcoming the former president’s criticism.

« Every time Democrats feel threatened, they’ll drag the former president out and make him make some negative comments about someone running, hoping their numbers will go down, » he said.

Scott has repeatedly argued that America is « not a racist country, » pointing to her experience growing up with a single mother and eventually making it to the halls of Congress.

« Here’s what people need to know: The truth of my life belies the lies of the radical left, » Scott said on Sunday.

But the former president’s remarks were about more than just a success story, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said Sunday.

« We’re in a time where there are some states, some cities where they literally don’t want to tell the truth about the history of the United States, » Bass said during an interview on CNN’s « State of the Union. »

“You can’t just talk about the good stories, about George Washington’s cherry orchard, but not about the 350 enslaved individuals it had. It’s the whole American story, and it all needs to be told, because we’re not going to get over the issues if we can’t even think through how we got to where we are. »