The Biden 2024 campaign looks at some big re-election fundraisers for the end of June

The Biden 2024 campaign looks at some big re election fundraisers scaled | ltc-a

Event details have not been finalized and are subject to change. But one of the dates taken into consideration is June 28th.

The Pritzker event is one of several high-value rallies being discussed by the Biden team that could be held before the end of the second quarter on June 30. Campaigns must submit their financial reports in mid-July.

Biden’s allies have expressed confidence in the president’s ability to raise large sums of money for his re-election campaign, especially with the threat of former President Donald Trump’s return energizing the Democratic base. But Biden’s campaign hasn’t disclosed how much money he raised during the first 24 hours of his re-election campaign, unlike four years ago, when his team announced it raised $6.3 million in that time period. following its 2020 kickoff.

Assistants said they are implementing a policy of not announcing sporadic fundraising totals during this round. But even Biden’s campaign hasn’t revealed who will lead its fundraising team this cycle.

Biden has begun the process of courting Democrats with deep pockets, however, and several major donors and elected officials have been emboldened by the president choosing Hollywood honoree Jeffrey Katzenberg as campaign co-chair to help lead not only the fundraising, but also manage the relationship between party members donor circles and Biden world. Just days after launching his 2024 candidacy, Biden met with top donors and fundraisers in Washington at an event hosted by the Democratic National Committee.