RFK Jr. denies comments about « ethnic-targeted » Covid-19 were anti-Semitic

RFK Jr denies comments about ethnic targeted Covid 19 were anti Semitic scaled | ltc-a

“I have never, ever suggested that the Covid-19 virus was aimed at sparing Jews,” Kennedy wrote.

Instead, Kennedy said, he meant to express his belief that the United States and other governments were developing « ethnicity-targeted biological weapons, » citing extensively a 2021 study on genetic susceptibility to Covid-19 as a « proof of concept » that such biological weapons could be created.

Representative. Ritchie Torres (DN.Y.) he criticized Kennedy’s comments Saturday morning, calling him « a complete nutcase who has no right to be anywhere near the presidency. »

« Hard to imagine a son who has done more to dishonor his father’s name than RFK Jr, » Torres wrote on Twitter.

Kennedy has been publicly criticized by members of his own family for his stance on vaccines, and his sister, Rory Kennedy, and cousin, Patrick Kennedy, have both declined to support his bid for president.

Tuesday’s press dinner — which came as Kennedy struggles to maintain momentum in early polls — made headlines for the first time not because of Kennedy’s vaccine comments, but because of a so-called « War of Words and Farts » which reportedly erupted among attendees over a disagreement over climate change.