Republican presidential candidates participate in the Iowa Roast and Ride

Republican presidential candidates participate in the Iowa Roast and Ride | ltc-a

Jackson Cox, a 17-year-old who will cast his first ballot in 2024, drove from Albert Lea, Minnesota, to hear about candidates to pick from. Most important to him are the taxpayer dollars that he said would be wasted before they reach American troops fighting for freedom in Ukraine — never mind that no American troops are fighting in Ukraine. Contrary to the conservative consensus, he argued that the United States should do more, not less, for Ukraine.

Diane Bebb, 66, of New London, Iowa, was concerned about inflation, gas and food prices, and « signs for help » for jobs that seemingly couldn’t be filled.

“We could start producing oil again, to help the economy and bring prices down,” she said, though she wasn’t sure how further oil exploration would fill all those job opportunities.

Her twin sister, Dione Cornelius of Bagley, Iowa, stepped in to reject the idea of ​​filling the workforce with more immigrants.

« They’re taking all the benefits and free healthcare and all that kind of stuff, » protested Ms. Cornelius.

Mike Clark, 74, a semi-retired hearing counselor, feared that « the rule of law is disappearing, » not so much because of crime on the nation’s streets but because of an out-of-control FBI and Justice Department pursuing Trump.

“Big push for one world government, that’s what worries me the most,” Mr. Clark said, referring to a common topic of conspiracy theories. He recommended the book « The Creature From Jekyll Island, » which pushes conspiracy theories about the founding of the Federal Reserve.