House GOP committee chairs expand Hunter Biden tax investigation

House GOP committee chairs expand Hunter Biden tax investigation scaled | ltc-a

“Please be aware that the Committees will use the mandatory process to obtain the required testimony,” lawmakers warned, asking that staff at the three agencies work with committee staff to begin scheduling interviews as soon as possible. and no later than 13 July.

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors earlier this month to settle an investigation into his failure to pay about $1 million in federal income taxes and his purchase of a gun in 2018 while using illegal drugs, a felony. Under the deal, Hunter Biden will plead guilty to a pair of misdemeanor tax charges and the firearm charges will be dropped if he completes two years of probation.

Days later, Smith released testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who alleged a wide range of interference in the tax investigation.

The anonymous IRS investigator who initially opened the investigation and his supervisor, Gary Shapley, have accused the Justice Department and the Delaware US Attorney’s Office of slowly following up on the case, stalling law enforcement actions by the IRS and informing Hunter Biden’s attorneys of actions related to the investigation.

Chris Clark, an attorney for Hunter Biden, denied there was any preferential treatment.

In their letters, Smith, Jordan and Comer named 11 Justice Department and two IRS employees they want to interview. The lawmakers did not name any specific Secret Service personnel, asking Cheatle to make available « all Secret Service employees » aware of an alleged FBI « tip » that IRS criminal investigators intended to question Hunter Biden.

Lawmakers said they were « anticipating » seeking testimony from other IRS, justice and Secret Service employees.

A Justice Department spokesman acknowledged receiving Garland’s letter, but said the department would not comment further.

POLITICO also reached out to the IRS and the Secret Service for comment.