Group linked to Club for Growth launches effort to attack Trump

Group linked to Club for Growth launches effort to attack scaled | ltc-a

A Growth Club representative declined to comment. While some Growth Club officials are involved in the new Political Action Committee, the Growth Club itself is not expected to attack Trump in the primaries.

McIntosh, a former congressman from Indiana, spoke out strongly against Trump earlier this year, telling reporters that « the party should be open to another candidate ».

The organization did not invite Trump to a donor retreat it held in Palm Beach, Florida, this spring, although it did invite other candidates seeking the GOP nomination.

Trump’s senior campaign adviser Chris LaCivita dismissed the group, saying, « It’s no surprise that David McIntosh, a pro-China, America’s failed congressional hopeful, is organizing another swampy DC insider super PAC. »

“Their goal is to maintain their shady influence in Washington because they know President Trump gets in the way as he protects Americans from these vultures,” LaCivita added. « These swamp dwellers will be crushed, mercilessly and without remorse, and put back under the bridge where all the trolls reside. »

The Growth Club and Trump have a long and complicated history. The anti-tax group spent big against Trump during the 2016 GOP primaries, though it warmed to Trump during his presidency and McIntosh emerged as Trump’s outside political adviser. Trump and McIntosh remained close until 2022, when the two separated during the Ohio Senate primary. After Trump endorsed current GOP Sen. JD Vancethe Club for Growth held out in its support for a rival candidate, Josh Mandel, and aired ads attacking Vance.

At one point, Trump sent a crude note through his aide to McIntosh. Since then, Trump has aggressively attacked the group, calling it « The Club For NO Growth » earlier this year.

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group linked to billionaire Charles Koch, should also make an effort to prevent Trump from winning the nomination. THE recently announced dress which had raised more than $70 million.

Several rival GOP candidates, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have aggressively gone after Trump, though he remains the poll leader.