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What is the Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP)?

The Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas (SPARK) Executive Committee, with backing from four specialized advisory panels, oversees the allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding across vital areas: Health and Education, Economic Revival, Connectivity, and Modernization. Their recommendations are then forwarded to the State Finance Council for final ratification. The Kansas KEEP program is one such completely legitimate initiative which is endorsed by SPARK and approved by the State Finance Council designed to support families in enhancing their children’s education, particularly in countering the educational setbacks caused by COVID-19. Offering $1,000 per child, the program covers a broad spectrum of educational needs, ranging from classes and tutoring to essential school supplies and technology. Intrigued about how your family can benefit from this program? Continue reading for more insights.

How does the KEEP program work in Kansas?

All parents or guardians need to follow the following 4 steps to claim $ 1000 for their child’s educational needs. 

  1. Check eligibility 
  2. Apply for the program 
  3. Once approved, select a service they want to avail against the awarded $ 1000. Parents can even choose after school tutoring or on-demand tutoring from Filo to cover all learning losses as well as enable their kid to perform better at grade level in school
  4. Submit invoice for reimbursement – either reimbursed to self or directly to vendor (if preferred vendor such as Filo)

One family can register more than one child as well under this program.

What can you use KEEP funds for in Kansas?

KEEP focuses on enabling students and parents/guardians to decide what’s best for their learning journey. The program gives broad flexibility to students and parents to choose from multiple options with hundreds of approved vendors including Filo to provide on-demand or scheduled tutoring for any after school learning requirement. 

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List of items allowed and not allowed under Kansas KEEP

Academic services:

  1. Tutoring: Students can avail on-demand tutoring or scheduled tutoring from an approved vendor. This includes tutoring for homework help, test preparation, clearing backlog or any other tutoring support they might require. This service must be provided by an individual who is working for a business licensed to provide tutoring services or a preferred vendor listed on KEEP platform, such as Filo.
  2. Curriculum materials / School supplies / Technology: Items will be limited to those purchased in an online store set up by Merit through one of these types of approved vendors. Curriculum must meet Kansas State Department of Education standards for educational materials.
    • School supply/office supply vendor.
    • Technology provider store.
  3. Classes 
    • Classes can be online or in person.
    • They must be offered by a licensed organization, be related to academic/school curriculum, and have a clearly stated educational value.
    • Classes cannot be used to earn school credits.

Non-academic services: 

  1. Camps: Camps must be for subjects that are related to academic/school curriculum. Day, overnight, and online camps are allowed
  2. Language classes: Online or in person, offered by a licensed organization. Coding can be part of a camp, but not a language class.
  3. Instrument and vocal lessons:
    • The purchase of an instrument or instrument rental fees as long as the instrument is being purchased either from one of the program’s online stores or from a pre-approved QESP 
    • The purchase of sheet music or music books/materials.
    • Choir or band is approved as long as it is not through a secondary or post-secondary public or private school where the student is earning school credit for participating in the activity.

There will be a form in the marketplace for requesting additional items be added to the online store. These items will be reviewed by Merit and the person submitting the request will be notified of the decision regarding adding the item. You can get more information at this link.

KEEP award money is kept in a dedicated online wallet managed by Merit and cannot be transferred to any other bank account. You can leverage this fund to avail any approved service listed on the KEEP marketplace website.  You can get more information about the program at this link.

We have also developed an ultimate guide to answer all your questions about Kansas KEEP from state government approving authority to how to apply to enroll your kid and where to use $ 1000 for kids in Kansas. You can find all this information and more here.

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