DeSantis plans campaign tour after digital rollout failures

DeSantis plans campaign tour after digital rollout failures | ltc-a

After his livestream kickoff went haywire on Twitter Wednesday night, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will go analog next week for a more traditional launch of his presidential campaign.

Mr. DeSantis will stop in the first three named states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina from May 30 to June 2. Tour. » Mr. DeSantis will begin Tuesday with his first in-person event of the campaign in Des Moines, Iowa. He will stay in Iowa on Wednesday, before traveling to New Hampshire on Thursday and South Carolina on Friday.

« Our campaign is committed to making time to win these early candidate states, » DeSantis campaign manager Generra Peck said in a statement.

Campaigning in a presidential primary is, especially early on, usually a grapple-and-smile affair. DeSantis’ decision to declare his candidacy during a Twitter Spaces livestream event with Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of the platform, came with the possibility of a spectacular failure, which seemed to take place, at least for the first 25 minutes, when the event was afflicted. from glitches, resulting in dead air and an intermittently warm microphone.

DeSantis’ return to a more traditional form of campaigning will still be watched closely. The governor has had a few embarrassing moments while meeting with voters so far, leading to mockery of the Republican Party’s favorite for the nomination, former President Donald J. Trump. Mr. DeSantis is expected to need a win in Iowa and a close second-place finish in New Hampshire, at least, to prove he can challenge Mr. Trump.

On Thursday evening, Mr. DeSantis will attend a reception with key donors at a Miami hotel. Donors are helping Mr. DeSantis launch his fundraising efforts. Despite the Twitter incident, his campaign said it raised more than $1 million online during the first hour Wednesday night.