DeSantis Crushes On Debt Deal: We’re ‘Spiring Into Bankruptcy’

DeSantis Crushes On Debt Deal Were Spiring Into Bankruptcy scaled | ltc-a

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday criticized the bipartisan debt ceiling agreement, saying the country was still « swinging into bankruptcy. »

« Before this deal, our country was going bankrupt, and after this deal, our country is going bankrupt again, and to say you can do 4 trillion raises in the next year and a half, I mean, that’s a a huge amount of spending,” said DeSantis, who recently announced his 2024 presidential bid, on “Fox & Friends.”

DeSantis’ comments come as the White House and Republican congressional leaders reached a tentative agreement on Saturday to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, narrowly averting a default just days before the June 5 deadline. President Joe Biden and President Kevin McCarthy must now work to gain the necessary support from their respective parties in Congress.