Adam Schiff achieves record fundraising after GOP censure

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The numbers are all the more surprising considering that California is a deep blue state and the race to retire the senator. Dianne Feinstein they will almost certainly have no influence over which party controls the Senate in 2024. But they demonstrate the power to use Republicans and especially former President Donald Trump and his cronies as central obstacles in the nation’s Democrats’ fierce competition for online dollars . During the spring term before and after his House censure, Schiff was a constant presence on cable TV and other programming, and his email appeals became ubiquitous.

All but 2 percent of its contributions came from grassroots supporters who donated $200 or less, the campaign said. The median contribution was $34. Schiff does not accept corporate CAP money.

Public and private polls show a tight race for Senate in California. But in a memo from Schiff’s campaign that was sent to key supporters, aides highlighted his financial edge and pointed to his list of supporters: from former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and more than half of the Democratic congressional delegation from California to support four statewide unions. None of the others have one yet.

« It’s still very early days, and while the polls will change, Adam continues to lead in every metric that’s critical to running an effective campaign, » Schiff’s campaign manager Brad Elkins wrote in the memo, which also anticipated a barnstorming. of August across 20 cities, including San Diego, Bakersfield, Riverside, Santa Cruz and Nevada City. “Our campaign continues to create significant benefits that will propel Adam forward,” Elkins added.

The push for early cash has been a hot topic in the Senate campaign, with the Democratic Republic. Kate Porter and his advisers consistently point to a string of spring polls showing a close race with Schiff to show that it’s still an open race despite its cash gap.

Both Democrats are nationally recognized figures with large followings, and under the state’s first-two primary system, both could advance to a rematch in the November 2024 runoff if no single Republican can consolidate the vote on the right. Democratic Republic Barbara Lee it follows them in the polls and has fallen even further behind in fundraising.

Schiff has polished his national profile in recent years as a primary antagonist to Trump and his allies, having served as impeachment manager and the unofficial face of the Democratic resistance at MAGA. You launched your campaign as such, centering Trump and framing the larger debate as a fight to preserve democracy.

Trump’s continued dominance among Republicans, coupled with his growing legal troubles, have kept him in the forefront of voters and helped ensure that the threats Schiff warned about remained relevant in the Senate campaign.

House Republicans late last month went ahead with their censure of Schiff, an action largely symbolic of his role in the Trump investigation. This came after GOP leaders removed the language to levy a multimillion-dollar fine against Schiff over constitutional concerns. However, they accused him of abusing his office of him during the Trump investigation, an allegation Schiff said he smacked of « little political revenge » while promising not to cave.

Renewed attacks by Republicans on Schiff have generated a seemingly endless stream of online fundraising appeals from his campaign, to the point where even Democrats aligned with his rivals have admitted that all attention paid to him as a Trump nemesis would only helped strengthen his financial edge over others.

Last quarter, Schiff raised $6.5 million, more than his opponents combined. Porter, who made $4.5 million and had $9.4 million on hand, has yet to release his second-quarter haul. Lee raised just over $1 million in each of the first two quarters of 2023.