About us

We are a Non-For-Profit organization registered in the county of Tuscany, Italy.  The founders have backgrounds in health care, social work, biotechnology, economics and gerontology. We intend to take advantage of the expertise of all individuals involved and the adhering organizations, to facilitate provision of care at home for the frail elderly. Toward this end we intend to educate the public, lobby governments, support and disseminate technological advances and provide sustainable economic solutions.  The relevant organizations adhering to the initiative are:

The challenge

In Europe, the twentieth century has been characterized by rapid urbanization, women joining the workforce, and the fragmentation of the extended families. This in turn has moved the place of care for many elderly from the family home into chronic-care hospitals, nursing homes, and, more recently, semi-independent group homes. With increased longevity and frailty, this trend has enabled the provision of efficient support and medical care to the elderly while allowing the rest of the family to continue life as usual.

As baby-boomers grow older, many find these solutions unsatisfactory and prefer to grow old in their own homes. However, providing medical care and support with daily living activities at home poses logistical and financial hurdles, particularly in the face of the decreasing dependency ratio. Technological progress, based on remote monitoring and interventions are positioned to solve some of the logistical obstacles, and new actuary models are being developed to solve the financial challenges of AGING in PLACE.