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A teachers guide to onboarding – Filo Blog | ltc-a

Being a teacher is more than a job, it’s a commitment to nurturing young minds and guiding them into a brighter future. Despite our dedication, we cannot always be there for every student at all times. This is where Filo comes in, filling this gap and complementing our efforts with 24/7 personalized tuition for each student.

What is Filo?

Filo is an innovative instant teaching platform that connects students to a live tutor within 60 seconds, 24/7, even at unusual times like 2am Saturday! Acclaimed by renowned organizations such as Google and Amazon, Filo is enjoyed by over 4 million students in 15 countries. With a pool of 60,000 teachers ready to help in subjects such as maths, science, English and social sciences, students never have to hesitate to ask a question again.

You can try Filo at https://askfilo.com or download the app from [Play Store] OR [App Store]

Main features of Filo

  • Individual learning: Each session offers personalized instruction.
  • Personalized approach: Tailored to suit each student’s learning level and style.
  • Availability 24/7: Students can study at their leisure.
  • Instant connection: Students can use Filo without interrupting their study sessions.
  • conversational learning: Students can ask open-ended questions in their own words.

Presentation of Filo to students

Based on our experience with schools around the world, we recommend the following best practices for introducing Filo to students:

  • Presents Filo in the Chamber: Let students use Filo under your guidance before trying it at home.
  • Create small learning groups: 3-4 students using Filo together enhances the learning experience and makes it a fun activity.
  • Each group talks to a Filo tutor: Follow the steps listed below to help each group connect with a teacher just to see how it works
  • Set homework: Assign simple problems to solve at home with assistance from Filo.

Contact Filo Team: In case of difficulty, the Filo team is always ready to assist you +1 (302) 703-7436 between 7:30 AM CT and 4:00 PM CT or you can email at support@askfilo.com

Using Filo: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Connecting with a Thread Tutor
    • Login: Log in to the ClassLink dashboard and click on the Wire icon.
    • Post your question: Type your question or upload an image to the file « What’s your question? » section.
  • Select object: Click on « Continues » button and select the relevant topic.
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  • Grant permission: Allow access to your device’s audio to interact with the tutor.
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  • Connect: The system will now find a suitable tutor for you.
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2. Interacting with a Thread Tutor

Interacting with Filo tutors is as easy as talking to a friend:

  • Starting from greeting your tutor.
  • Use the « enable/disable » button to speak or type the file chat to communicate.
  • Share files, images or documents using chat.
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  • Ask as many questions as necessary until you feel confident.
  • Log out by clicking on « End Session » button.
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3. After Session

At the end of a session, you can:

  • Evaluate your Filo tutor so we understand which tutors you like best.
  • If you want to connect with a tutor again, bookmark them with the “Favorite Tutor” button.
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  • Go to the tutor’s profile when they are online and select “Connect now” to connect directly with them.
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  • Access class notes and session recordings from « Session History » section.
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Use Filo effectively

Filo aims to help students excel in school, not burden them with additional work. Students can use Filo to:

  • Effective tasks and tasks: Now, whenever you can’t understand anything while doing your homework or homework, don’t get discouraged, just ask.
  • Need someone to proofread your essays?: Hone your writing by discussing your essays, structure, content, and format. Share your ideas on the subject with an expert tutor who will help you express them better.
  • Understand each concept: Cultivate an organic « feel » on the concepts of any topic when you discuss understanding with a live tutor.
  • Stress-free exam preparation: Let a tutor help you understand your learning gaps and help you plan any upcoming exams.

Now, whenever your students need help with anything, they can just ask Filo. We believe in the ability and right of every student to learn.

Happy learning!